Monday, April 11, 2011

Drool of the day - 1

Helloooo gurliessss...

I know you are asking whats this drool of the day....
I was like browsing for some Home decors and stubled upon many many beautiful things like vases, rugs, wall hangings, lovely furnitures ....what not
So I thought of putting up a photo of a drool worthy thing each day
somethings which we drool about be it jewellery,makeup, saris, dresses, furnitures, decorative things,food recipes, watches, perfumes...what not...

Also this helps me in knowing your ideas and views on a particular thing

So here goes the my first drool :)

Do you know a better way to start with... than diamonds ??? ;)

Image Source:

Disclaimer : I got this image through google images and I dont know the authenticity of the website and I am not paid for posting these images.



  1. I didn't get what you actually meant ..sorry :(

  2. prits its like ...we see lotta things which we like to own some day...or its so beautiful...u wanna share it with am posting pictures of things which i like very much...which even u might diamonds ;)

  3. I have a similar but without the leaves :)


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