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Dia Mirza - The Porcelain Beauty and her Beauty Secrets

I always loved Dia Mirza even though she doesn't have that many films to her credit...As far as i have seen her she is always in impeccable flawless makeup and Apt dress for the occasion

So the post :)

Something About her

Dia Mirza was born in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Her father, Frank Handrich, was a German graphic and industrial fair designer, architect, artist and interior designer from Munich and her mother, Deepa is a Bengali Indian who is an interior designer, landscaper and currently does social work as a volunteer to help alcoholics and addicts. They separated when she was six years old. Her father died when she was nine and her mother remarried Ahmed Mirza, who died in 2004. She adopted her stepfather's surname Mirza and has recently adopted the last name of her birth-father and became Dia Mirza Handrich. Though she has been brought up in a Muslim household, she does not consider herself a Muslim; she is a Hindu and believes in Ganesha.

- Source Wiki

Also Dia Mirza to endorse The Body Shop brand

Her pictures speak of her beauty

Her Beauty Secrets in Vogue

I have combination skin, which can be both oily and dry, so I religiously moisturise twice a day with a waterbased hypo-allergenic moisturizer I’ve discovered from a French brand Uriage.

I start my mornings with warm water and fresh lime to detox. When I eat simple food without too much spice and oil, my skin stays healthy. I eat lots of fresh and wholesome fruit and veggies. Anything sin excess is a no-no.

I like to keep it simple. I use a light coverage of M.A.C Studio Fix foundation. I enhance my eyes with Bobbi Brown eyeliner, curl the lashes and then brush on mascara. I add a little shimmer from Make Up For Ever to highlight the cheekbones and finish with gloss from Bobbi Brown.

I don’t even step outside without sunscreen. Right now I’m using Vichy Capital Soleil with SPF 50, so my face stays protected for up to eight hours.

A tinted strawberry flavoured lip balm, a mascara and a techna kohl pencil, all by M.A.C

My signature fragrance is DKNY Be Delicious

I insist on using professional makeup and carry my own kit everywhere. Unlike other actresses, I can’t use thick Kryolan panstick; instead I use a liquid base and translucent powder from M.A.C Pro. I first learnt how to use make-up professionally



  1. Nice post Varshini! I like Diya Mirza very much esp her glowing healthy skin!

  2. a gernman father and bengali mom..she got the best :)

  3. She is beautiful na ...I liked her too ...very elegant .. send me the mail you promised me okie? :p

  4. Thanks Ankita :) true such a flawless skin na...and she is having this peachy glow always :))

  5. prits yeah...very elegant and she dresses up pretty well
    Sorry will send the mail today :)

  6. Shes oh so pretty!:) and she has an impeccable sense of style. :)

  7. I sooooo likeee her....
    I had read this interview before..dat she learnt to do makeup and carries her own everywhere..

  8. yes Ikku...i have never seen her with any kinda horrid dress or makeup :)

  9. yeah bhumika...i got her skincare tips from vouge

  10. I absolutely love her...she is one stunning lady and such a sweet voice :D The 3rd pic is the best :D cool post :)

  11. I absolutely love her...she is one stunning lady and such a sweet voice :D The 3rd pic is the best :D cool post :)

  12. Thank You so much Shweta :) Love you :)) <3

  13. I so adore her!!! she is so beautiful and has gorgeous features....and I came to know about her German genes yesterday only....that's very much apparent though :)

  14. I really adore her and knowing her beauty secrets .. wow.. thanks a lot for this post Varshini :)

  15. yeah swati...her genes show in her flawless complexion :)

  16. yeah arts :)
    her beauty regime is so good na to know :)

  17. wow..i didnt know she was half-bengali..feeling proud.. :P :P


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