Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I know I know ...but please Forgive me

I know i am telling this may be some Nth time.... I will be regular at posting and wont abscond all of sudden...

But may be this time , I am so sure you will forgive me...
Coz I am back with a lovely news....We are expecting a new member to join our family shortly(Will keep you updated on that part :D)

Also I wish to change my blog's name once more( I know I am hearing so many ..."OMG) Sure she is one Nutcase" :D)

But this time it will be the Final Name Change (I hope) such that i can share somemore things .... May be everything a women goes through :)

Also I wish to take this oppurtunity to thank those souls who missed my blog too and sent me mail asking whether I WAS alright ( OMG i was in cloud 11, i know more than 9)

Please wish me goodluck and welcome me back :)

Love you all loads


  1. Welcome back! Congrats on your Junior!
    Take care! :)

  2. Hey good to see you back.. Congrats for your junior too..

  3. Aww, Congrats! & welcome back! Would like to hear about the preg experience :))

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and Congrats on the good news. Wish you all the best :)

  5. congrats. first time here. love to c ur posts soon :)

  6. hi all...thanx so much for your good wishes :)


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