Friday, September 7, 2012

Alva ‘Do you speak Alva?’ stacked pigments Review By Aarthi

Alva ‘Do you speak Alva?’ stacked pigments Review  - By Aarthi  Entry # 1

My love for eye makeup started very recently, until when I just stopped with a kajal and eye liner to highlight my eyes. As I started experimenting different looks with different products I always wanted to have a pigments stack [not a large one but a small one at least]. I won this pigment stack in a giveaway :D
Since then I have been trying out so many looks with these eye pigments and now it has become my favourite of all. These pigments are so fine and soft that blending them is very easy peasy. The stack I got has 2 pigments with glitters and 2 without glitters. Both kinds looks great and compliments my look. Each shade has been numbered as 033,034,035,036.

·        033 – Matte grey
·        034 – Matte lavender
·        035 – Shimmering military green
·        036 – Shimmering Copper

Tell me even one color that you don’t like in this stack. Each and every single color is to die for and so unique in my collection. Few of you know how much I am mad about MAC Humid eye shadow. The shade 035 is close to MAC Humid I can say and do I have to tell you how much happy I am??

I feel I still can try out various looks with these pigments as they all work really great with any different combinations. Just 4 different shades does magic and I am enjoying it. This stack showed me how much difference a pigments stack can make than the normal eye shadow palette.

·         These pigments are highly pigmented.
·         The colors are so vibrant.
·         The pigments are so soft and easy to blend.
·         Two shimmer pigments and two matte pigments make a great combination.
·         Awesome choice of colors in this stack.
·         Various stacks available.

·         Nothing much. The matte pigments fly off a little bit but that is ok as there is a lot more left over for me to use.

Would I Purchase? – Yes I would love to buy more and more. Now I have this craving to try the NYX and ELF pigment stacks too. Feel like trying different variants from different brands.

Rating – 5/5

Thanks a lot Aarthi for tempting me :P



  1. I'm loving the military green n the copper shade :)

  2. u shud try faces also Aarthi..even vov pigments r fab..very cheap n huge quantity


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