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Lakme Sheer Dual Definition Lipcolor and Liner in Berry Review By Aarthi

Lakme Sheer Dual Definition Lipcolor and Liner in Berry Review - By Aarthi Entry # 2

I think one of my very first lipsticks would be this Lakme Sheer Dual Lipcolor and Liner in Berry. Those days I have no idea about the different shades available or the shades that would suit me. I would just randomly buy something or just trust the SA’s words and buy a lipstick or be it any other makeup product. I think many of us were like this !! When I think about those funny days I just giggle within myself. Me and my sister used to exchange our makeup products [once we get bored of it]and I think this lipstick was passed on to me during one such exchange.

There is 1.2g of the lipstick and 0.25g of the liner. The lipstick is sheer and I have swiped it 4-5 times to show you the color.

The lipstick and liner match perfectly and I would call the shade a good plum color. The name of the shade is Berry. When the lipstick/lipcolor is worn all alone it just looks like a gloss and it fades pretty quickly. So I use the liner as a base and then use the lipstick and the color shows well along with the glossy shine on my lips. I didn’t have a berry/plum shade in my lipstick collection so I was super glad to find this lipcolor.

I am not aware of the price as it is not mentioned in the packaging nor google helped me in finding the cost !!

·         Lipcolor is sheer initially and color can be built with 4-5 swipes.
·         Both liner and lipcolor in one single product.
·         Easy and convenient during travel.
·         Lip pencil works as a good base.
·         Both the lipcolor and lip pencil are twist up retractable ones. I am loving it completely. No worries even if I twist up a lot of product.
·         No fragrance to it.

·         I would like to know the manufactured or the expiry date as it is not mentioned in the pencil I am not too happy using it.
·         The lipcolor fades away pretty quickly. It hardly stays for 2 hrs when used without any base.

Rating – 3.5/5

Would I Repurchase – Well Yes if it is still available in the market. I could neither find it online nor in the stores now.

Have any of used or seen this product before? Do let me know so that I can get a rough idea of what the manufacturing date could be !! If at all I get the answer I would happily use this product or just throw it away [if it has crossed the expiry date].

Thanks a lot Aarthi for this lovely post :)



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