Monday, October 22, 2012

Elle18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco Review

Elle18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco Review: Entry # 6 By Megha

What Elle18 claims about Elle18 Lip Smoothie:Deliciously beautiful lips in yummy fruit flavours. Smooth, glossy and super kissable.
Price: Rs.85

My verdict about Elle18 Lip Smoothie:Elle18 Lip Smoothie is a very affordable lip gloss. It is so cheap that even girls who do not earn can easily buy by not burning their parent’s pocket.
Elle18 Lip Smoothie comes in a transparent tube and a black cap. The tube has a slanted nozzle like applicator.
The Elle18 Lip Smoothie texture is just right. No stickiness is observed on the lips. But I feel my lips a little oily, and also the skin around the lips gets the oily texture. That means it bleeds to some extent.
It stays on for about 3 hours. It moisturizes my lips well.
Burnt Choco is a nice brownish nude color. Though it gives color in the hand swatch, it is colorless on the lips. It seems like a colorless shiny gloss on my lips. It gives a mint like tingling feel to the lips initially when applied. Later on the tingling sensation goes off.

Pros of Elle18 Lip Smoothie:- Tube like packaging.
- Very economically priced.
- Stays for 3 hours.
- Easily available.

Cons of Elle18 Lip Smoothie:- Burnt Choco is a colorless gloss on the lips.
- It gives oily texture to my lips.
- The oily thing bleeds to my skin around the lips.
Overall, a good product to try.

Thanks a lot Megha for this lovely product



  1. I've tried their range and it's fairly average. Good for the price I guess! Nice review :)


  2. Agreed apporva... It is good for the price it is available for...


Thanks so much for your lovely note...

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